Donate Now: Activities / Athletics

Naming Rights Available

Please contact us if you are interested in naming any of the areas below with your Family name, your Company Name, or your Corporate Name.

  • Activities Center – Sold
  • Fitness Center
  • Gymnasium – Sold
  • Swimming/Aquatic Center – Sold
  • Locker Rooms – Sold, more still available
  • Football/Soccer Field – Sold
  • Track – Sold
  • Press Box
  • Varsity Baseball Field – Sold
  • Varsity Softball Field – Sold
  • Concession Area(s)
General Donations - Activities

General donations will get your name, family name, company name prominently displayed on the Wall of Donors in the Activities Center Commons

General Donations - Athletics

General donations will get your name, family name, company name prominently displayed on the Wall of Donors.

Activity Uniforms

Rock Ridge will need to purchase new uniforms for every activity and sport. This purchase will include grades 7-12. This will be an incredible cost. We would be very grateful for any partnering or donations in this zone. We have 26 sports available for our students.  We have Poms, Flags, Rifles, and many more activities available. If your passion falls here, please know how much we would appreciate and recognize your support.

Sound Systems

We hope to be able to provide professional, high quality sound systems in all of our venues where sound is a key part of the experience. Whether it be in our Performing Arts Center, Gymnasiums, Aquatic Center, or our Fields of Play, your help can make this happen.

Livestream Camera System

The Hudl camera system allows us to put permanent cameras in our Performing Arts Center, in the Gyms and Pool, or on the Fields of Play so families from near or far can watch the game via livestream. This is an amazing way to keep our events connected with the communities, families, and alumni. Your donation will help make this a reality. Thank you.


Rock Ridge Public Schools is looking to upgrade the planned purchase of scoreboards. We hope to raise enough money to purchase the biggest and best scoreboard for our students and facilities. With your help, we can do this. We want to make sure the scoreboard matches the already fantastic facility being built.

  • Track/Football Scoreboard – Sold
  • Aquatic Center Video Scoreboard – Purchased
  • Main Gymnasium Scoreboard – Sold
  • Varsity Softball Field Scoreboard
  • Varsity Baseball Field Scoreboard – Sold
Track and Field Equipment

This fund supports purchasing equipment for the new Track and Field program at Rock Ridge High School.

Steve Kerzie Legacy Fund

This fund is set up in memory of the longtime great, Gilbert High School Teacher, Coach, Athletic Director, and High School Official.

Your kind donation will help raise funds to forever honor and name the new track after Steve Kerzie. The Kerzie children have made a wonderfully kind $120,000 donation, in memory of their father. This donation will allow us to purchase a video scoreboard for the stadium. This scoreboard will be able to show lane-by-lane track results and much more! Because of this kind donation, we would like to offer people the opportunity to match this amount so we can name the track after Steve Kerzie. The money raised will allow us to purchase and outfit the track program with safe, state of the art, track and field equipment, and provide for stadium needs, where the track team will be housed and be hosting major track and field events.

The Kerzie Family has donated $120,000 toward these naming rights. Let’s see if we can get this matched. Sold/Match Achieved.  Donations still being accepted for future needs.

Joe Sklasz Softball Fund

The softball communities of Eveleth-Gilbert and Virginia would like to honor the long-time great softball pitching coach, Joe Sklasz.  Joe recently passed away and we already miss him.  We would like to name the 3rd base dugout in honor and memory of Joe.  Joe spent 30+ years volunteering his time and helping the softball programs in many ways.  Pitching was his expertise, and he helped by mentoring and coaching the finer aspects of the game to the girls of Eveleth-Gilbert and Virginia Softball(the many surrounding communities, too). We thank you for supporting this project and for supporting Rock Ridge Public Schools. Honoring Joe is a highest priority for the softball community.  All funds will be used to enrich and enhance the Rock Ridge Softball program and the new softball fields.

In Memory of... In Honor of...

Rock Ridge Public Schools and our #RockRidgeRising campaign invites you to honor a family, family member, alumni, teacher, coach, or class! This opportunity is open to honor alumni, families, classes, teachers and coaches from the Gilbert, Eveleth, Eveleth-Gilbert, and Virginia Public Schools.

As we embarked on our #RockRidgeRising campaign, it became apparent to offer this opportunity. People were calling and asking if they could do an “in memory of”, “in honor of”, “in appreciation for” many teachers and coaches.

We developed the following opportunity:
A donation, or collective donation to our #RockRidgeRising campaign of $10,000, we will forever recognize your special family, alumni, class, teacher or coach. The recognition will feature a plaque outside of the classroom (that matches the special person, etc.) and commemorates the history of the special person, etc, a picture(optional), and will remain in that spot forever.  We have received commitments for alumni, teachers and coaches, along with many inquiries.

We will work with the family/group that is interested in this opportunity to make sure we get the story of their special person correct and meaningful.

For more information about this great opportunity, please contact:
Willie Spelts
#RockRidgeRising Coordinator
Rock Ridge Public Schools
1405 Progress Parkway
Virginia, MN 55792
[email protected]

Rock Ridge Public Schools

1405 Progress Parkway

[email protected]

Virginia, MN 55792